il Pandolce LLC
Authentic Italian Treats

Laura Grassi Chief Artisan and Founder of il Pandolce grew up in a family bakery started by her father in Tuscany, Italy servicing many local restaurants, pizzeria's and bakeries in the area. At the height of her fathers business 3,000 lbs of flour was used per day to provide the best pastries, bread, desserts and focaccia to their business partners.

Her passion for cooking fostered as a child encompasses each unique, carefully prepared dish offered by il Pandolce taken from the family recipes created by her father and carefully crafted to give her Tuscan interpretations.

This authentic Italian craftsmanship is coupled with the highest quality authentic and fresh ingredients like:

  • Type 00 flour imported from Italy

  • Fresh fruits and jams

  • Time tested authentic Italian recipes sculpted to encompass fresh local seasonal ingredients